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jenny & danny 


Claudine is a fantastic Hypnobirthing teacher. She has positively supported us in preparing for our perfect birth and the course has given us so many useful tools to deal with all the possibilities. I feel so much more equipped. I'm actually excited about giving birth now which is amazing considering how much fear I was carrying initially. I can recommend the one to one course with my little pickle highly. The medley of breathing techniques, anatomy and holistic meditation have been fantastic.


Claudine definitely tailored the course to our specific needs and questions. I really felt fully heard and held in the space even though it was online. My husband has also engaged much more fully in his birthing role and we have both found the hypnobirthing practice very calming in the lead up to birth. Giving birth to your child is probably one of the most important events of your life. I'm so happy we invested in a good hypnobirthing course it has been so valuable. Thank you!

lucy and aimi


My wife and I recently took the my little pickle private couple's course run by Claudine and we are so thankful to her for the experience. The course is comprehensive and empowering, providing a range of coping techniques and excersises that have left us feeling like we have the necessary tools to call upon when we need it. It really focussed on how we approach the labour as a team. I, as the birth mother, feel armed with coping techniques, and my wife has a renewed sense of confidence that she will know how to support me through whatever arrises.

In a time when most face to face prenatal services are not possible, it was great to avail of this service online. Claudine's calm and open manner made us feel instantly at ease. You could tell she was personally invested in our experiences. I am due to give birth in a week and I feel like I am going into it open eyed, calm and prepared. Thank you once again Claudine.

ola & harry


The my little pickle group course has been brilliant in preparing us for the birth of our first baby.Claudine provides a ‘toolbox’ full of practical advice and mental techniques which really helped us to feel much more confident about birth and eased many of the anxieties we had had previously!

Claudine goes the extra mile to ensure you have everything you need to prepare; she provides lots of information & materials between sessions and is always on hand to answer questions. We found the course so valuable - thank you!!

lauren & chris

Screenshot 2020-12-29 at 16.04.32.png

We loved the course, it's really benefitted both Chris and I. Chris understands more about what to expect and what I am going through and I felt really supported by him since we have been doing the course. It has made us both excited about the birth of the new baby and a lot more relaxed about what to expect from the labour.


I am glad that we did this course with couples, at first I was worried about being online with people I didn't really know, but actually I felt so comfortable by the second session that I even fell asleep in front of everyone during the relaxation. I have gained so much from meditating and carrying on the homework using the guided meditations we were sent. 

Even though I have read 3 hypnobirthing books I think it has helped so much doing the actual course and if I had to do it again I would. I will definitely be recommending.

sophea & leo 


Thank you for all of your help, the breathing in particular was incredibly helpful and it really gave Leo the confidence to help me birth.


My birth didn’t exactly go to plan as I had early signs of preeclampsia and the labour was a lot longer than anyone could have anticipated. I also needed more intervention than I had originally wanted, but it is all worth it as she’s perfect! The techniques we learnt really helped me manage the changes and any discomfort. Leo is so smitten.

annabelle & kane

kane and annabelle.jpg

Claudine has the amazing ability to educate whilst also keeping her classes super chilled and enjoyable. The classes are well structured and informative and I truly feel so much more ready for the birth of our baby.

Claudine showed us so many breathing techniques and taught my husband so many valuable ways to support and relax me during labour. I believe the course has brought my husband and I closer together as we prepare for the arrival of our second child. Her guided meditations are so wonderfully relaxing and I hope to use them during labour to stay focused and calm.

I highly recommend Claudine’s hypnobirthing course, you can really tell she is so passionate about educating others in the way she delivers each class. After having a preterm baby the first time round, I now feel emotionally and mentally prepared to have a amazing birth however it goes. Thanks Claudine!

laura & dan 


We would highly recommend the My Little Pickle group course. We did our course in December in time for our February baby and it's helped us have a positive mindset about what to expect.


Claudine is a really helpful and supportive instructor and we learnt lots of useful info and got some great tips for pregnancy, labour and birth. It was lovely to be able to chat with others, especially as first time parents. Claudine also provided fantastic resources that we've found really useful. Thank you! xx

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