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folkestone maternity collective

The folkestone maternity collective is made up of a passionate group of  professionals who live in and around Folkestone.


Each professional has a unique skill set to support women, birthing people and their partners through their journey from conception to parenthood to help make the transition a little easier.


From reflexologists,  antenatal teachers, lactation consultants to yoga teachers. We've got it covered!⁠


pelvic health osteopath

Pregnancy and the postpartum period place huge demands onto the body, but with the right advice, guidance and care it can be a journey full of empowerment, fulfillment and self-awareness.


As a Pelvic Health Osteopath, Cher has a passion for guiding pregnant people through the most wonderful period of growth and transition and providing vital postpartum care that is so often missed within the NHS. Enabling patients to trust their bodies and to move with joy again is at the heart of what she does. 


lactation consultant 

Hannah works with families both before their babies arrive, and afterwards, with all things breastfeeding. She can help if things are difficult, and not going as you’d planned, or if you’re simply looking for reassurance and information. She has the highest qualification in breastfeeding support, and can offered individual support, and time, to help you work out breastfeeding.



Kelly specialises in pregnancy reflexology.  Treatments can either be held at her home treatment room or she can arrange home visits.  Reflexology during pregnancy can help to promote deep relaxation and sleep, reduce anxiety and stress.  Studies have shown a significant reduction in pain during labour and reduced first stage of labour too. It is invaluable in the post-natal period too when levels of anxiety can be more heightened with the sleepless nights and hormonal shifts. 


pre & postnatal yoga 

Rupal is a Yoga Therapist and Yoga Teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience.


Rupal teaches Yoga during pregnancy for women to take some time to nurture themselves with postures, breathing techniques and guided meditations that are specifically adapted for pregnancy, to promote calm, strength and flexibility of body, mind and heart.

She also offers one-to-one Yoga Therapy, for everyone, at any time in life, including during pregnancy, postnatally and transitioning to parenthood. 

Emma Deery-178.jpeg

yoga teacher & motherhood wellbeing mentor 

Emma Deery runs Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga classes, Mama Dance - a dance-based exercise class for mums who can bring their babies along and monthly in-person Motherhood Circles - a safe space to connect, share, relax and be nurtured (babes in arms welcome).


In addition she offers online Motherhood Wellbeing Programmes and support mothers in their self-healing and wellbeing journeys.  Her mission is to help mothers heal from trauma and reclaim themselves in the swamps of motherhood. 



infant & child sleep consultant 

Rebecca is a  qualified infant and child sleep consultant and the founder of  sleep tight baby. 

She has worked with many families across the world with children aged 0-5 years, helping them to get the rest they need. Families she works with can expect personalised, step by step guidance; no cry it out or controlled crying; plus plenty of reassurance and compassion.

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juno midwives

independent midwifery care

Folkestone based, independent midwives offering individualised antenatal, birth & postnatal care to women and birthing people all over Kent. We respect that women and birthing people are the ultimate decision makers in their care and that it is our role as midwives to provide care, guidance and advocacy. 


Our care packages focus on personalised, respectful, and evidence-based care without the time constraints that are frequently found in mainstream midwifery care.  Care with us takes place in your own home, at a time that suits you. 


We offer:

· one-off appointments (antenatal / postnatal)

· birth planning discussions

· antenatal care

·   homebirth care 

· postnatal care, including the NIPE (newborn examination)


birth doula 

 Lucy has been a birth doula in East Kent for 14 years, and worked as a student midwife before that. She moved to Folkestone with her two children and greyhound three years ago and has loved supporting families in this area as well as further afield since. Lucy is passionate about ensuring birthers have the support they need to enact the choices that are right for them through pregnancy, birth and early parenting. She offers birth doulaing, antenatal support and one off consultation. She is keen to improve maternity services for all families, and works within the local maternity landscape with the NHS Trust and other maternity professionals to that end. Lucy also runs free monthly birth choices and stories support groups with her amazing doula buddy Betty. 


Fin & Flow Pre & Postnatal Yoga

Fin & Flow was born from a belief that small ripples make big waves, for the mind, body and our natural environment. The more time we spend being kind to ourselves and our natural world the more  we can live a happy, healthy life.  Fin & Flow is a hub for like minded people to connect through Yoga and SUPyoga classes inspired by nature.  

Fin & Flow was founded by India, a yoga teacher and Paddle boarder based on the Kent Coast in Hythe.  In 2020 India added an additional certificate to her training, qualifying as a pre and post natal yoga teacher with The British School of Yoga and Wellbeing. At the end of 2021 she became a mum to daughter Malou, and now shares the benefits of yoga that she experienced first hand through the Fin & Flow Pregnancy Yoga and Mum and Baby Yoga classes.  


family photographer

Issy is a professional photographer with over 15 years experience. She can help you to capture those special family moments from pregnancy through to newborn and beyond.


Her relaxed & natural photographic approach enables her to capture each family in their own unique way.

Photos taken in your favourite outdoor location, at home or in the studio.


doula, birth educator

Betty is our local Doula, offering complete birth journey doula support. Be that companionship through your pregnancy to help with decision making and birth planning, or physical and practical support for you and your partner during your labour and birth, or postnatally with breastfeeding support, nourishment guidance and help to rest and recover. 


Betty also hosts monthly free-to-attend walks for pregnant people in and around Folkestone. Providing an opportunity to meet up, make friends, and ask any birthy questions you might have in a totally informal setting.


creative workshops for new parents

This programme offers a welcoming, respectful and safe space for you to explore feelings, boost creativity and self-esteem through: art making, meditation, movement and discussion. You will be taken on a journey from exploring individuality to experiencing community and working as a collective.

Art materials and techniques are introduced through relevant topics which will encourage you to connect thoughts, emotions and personal experiences to the art making, and using your body to bring inner movement and patterns onto paper. Movement is then carried on into the space allowing for free expression and connecting with others.

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